This international project is about testing water quality in Europe. The issues relate to pollution and environmental sustainability have become urgent issues, on which the entire European and world society is called to reflect. The access to fresh and clean water is one of the most important problems mankind will face in the future. In all European regions water pollution e.g. by industry and agriculture is a major issue which – because water and pollution do not stop at borders – can only be dealt with on a European level. The project is attended by students from 4 countries: Germany, Italy, Poland and Romania. Students build robots with sensors for testing water levels, then compare and discuss results obtained in individual countries. In the course of the project students will improve various skills and VET competences. They will be sensitized for enviromental issues in general and water pollution in particular. In our project there are a large number of activities like international meetings, examining water quality, getting information on how to examine water quality, how to construct modules that will be assembled to an underwater robot, documenting work for the project’s website, designing logo, evaluating e.g. water samples, making presentations. (The text commes from the project documentation.)

Aims of our project:

The main goal is building an underwater robot by each partner. Then the schools will examine the state of the fresh water in their surroundings. The next aim is to sensitize to the problem of pollution and the possible lack of the fresh water. A very important element of the project is sharing its idea and effects.

Participants / Countries:

Germany – Berufskolleg Tecklenburger Land in Ibbenbüren
Italy – IIS Volterra Elia in Ancona
Poland – Zespół Szkół Elektronicznych im. Ignacego Domeyki in Bolesławiec
Romania – Colegiul Tehnic de Comunicatii Nicolae Vasilescu-Karpen in Bacău (Technical College N.V.Karpen)


1st Meeting - 25th – 28th, October 2018 in Ancona (Italy)

Welcome Session to EUWI teams at the “Volterra-Elia” school. Presentation of each country and school and of EUWI project. Visit to CNR, IRBIM – Research National Coucil, Institute for Biological Resources and Marine Biotechnology. Visit at UNIVPM DII - Polytechnic University of the Marche, Department of Information Engineering, lesson about “Submarine robotics”.

2nd Meeting April 2019 in Bolesławiec (Poland)

Presentation of status quo of all partner schools (logo, making a protype of submarine robot). Workshop at school and outside (Leśny potok by Bolesławiec) Rich cultural programme:

- Sightseeing tour of Old Town in Bolesławiec
- Visit to Manufaktura - Live Museum of Pottery
- Trip to Grodziec castle
- Sightseeing of Evangelical Church of Peace in Jawor
- Sightseeing of Srebrna Góra Fortress
- Visit to Wioska Smaków in Lipiany by Bolesławiec, making Polish dumplings
Trip to Wrocław:
- sightseeing the Old Town with the guide
- Hydropolis - Museum of Water: visiting an exhibition with the guide and workshop Acid rain and its harmful impact on enviroment

3rd Meeting October 2019 in Bacău (Romania)

Two sessions of discussions, visiting the “Technical College of Communications Nicolae Vasilescu - Karpen”. Visit at Aerostar, economic partner. Visit at Lake Bacau 2, activity in cooperation with our partner The Regional Center of Environment, an NGO. Visit at the Salt Mine at Targu Ocna. Visit at the natural springs in Slanic Moldova.

4th Meeting - online meeting on August 26th 2020

Unfortunately because of the COVID-19 pandemic our meeting in Germany was cancelled and the last meeting took place on August 26th 2020 in online form. We discussed the limitation because of the pandemic and presented the results: photos and videos of our teams with robots. Each country presented an underwater robot – a boat testing the water level – along with the results of water testing in its area.

We regret that we could not meet in real life.

So, the Germans, Italians, Romanians – Poles thank you for cooperation in a great atmosphere.

Research / Water Investigation

All the partners take some water parameters measurements in the chosen site.​ We would like to proof e.g. the level of oxygen, pH of water, temperature, heavy metal content.

A Polish boat, created by the students and called Eco-Patrol, you can see in the pictures.

In Poland we tested two water reservoires: 1) the Zabobrze Lake (it’s an old gravel mine, nowadays a lake for fishermen) and
2) the recreational complex Leśny Potok (it’s a kind of a natural swimming pool, was created from an old forest lake). Our results are as follows:

the Zabobrze Lake the recreational complex Leśny Potok
pH 8,1 7,2
oxygen level 6 mg O2 /l 6 mg O2/l
TDS-Meter 290 ppm 400 ppm

Sites of the water researches in 4 countries

Germany – The Aasee Lake in Ibbenbüren
Italy – Esino River and the Adriatic Sea by Ancona
Poland – The Zabobrze Lake and The Leśny Potok reservoir
Romania – The Bistrita River by Bačau

We share the European Water Investigation EUWI project

We pay attention to publicising of the project’s aims, both through articles in local media and lessons with the students.

Poland shared the knowledge of usage and design of the Eco-Patrol boat this device or any other factors that affects our field with other classes from our school. We showed how it works with students from 2nd grade electric class. It was a lesson by the Zabobrze Lake in which a student (Patrick) talked about the project and robot.

The second class in Poland took place at school and the teachers were two students (Christoph and Casper) from the computer graphics profile. They talked about the aims of the projects and organised a competition. The students were asked to design a logo of the project. It was only for fun, because we in the project have chosen the logo designed by the Germans, but students created really great symbols.

Teams in the project

Water reservoirs selected by the teams in project

Our work, diagrams and underwater robots

German team's robot: